Asian Grid Consultants is a consulting Organization with a team of experts with experience in respective field of specialization for more than 20 years.

  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Various types of Surveys
  • Architecture
  • Structural Design Detailing
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT)/ Rehabilitation of Structures
  • Proof Consultants/Verification of Structural
  • Power Plants and Water Engineering
  • Roads & Bridges
  • Gas/Oil Pipelines
  • Open Cast and Under Ground Mining Structures
  • Desalination Plants
  • Environmental Management
  • Tenders, Specification
  • Finance management
  • Project Audit and Constructed Dispute Redresser.

Various Types of Survey

  • Drilling (Coring and Non Coring)
  • Topographical Survey
  • Geotechnical Studies
  • Geophysical Survey (Bore Hole and Surface)
  • Geochemical Testing
  • Hydro Geological Studies

Architectural Services

  • Conceptual, Master Planning
    And Other Allied Architectural Services
  • Infrastructure Development Planning
  • Township Development
  • Growth Centre P1anning
  • System Planning
  • OperationalAndSpatialPlanning
  • Heritage Building

Structural Designing and Detailing

  • Structural Design of Multistoried
    Building Frams
  • Design of lndustrial Structure
  • HazardResistant Design Services
  • Proof Consultants Verification of
    Structural Design
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
    Rehabilitation of Structures

Coal Mining Services

  • Exploration, Geotechnical Studies
    and Hydro Geological Studies
  • Planning and Design of Open Cast
    and Underground Coal Mine
  • Projects
  • Operational Plans for Open Cast Mines
  • Design of open Cast and Underground
    Mining Structures such as
    - CHP
    - Bunkers
    - Crusher House
    - Conveyor Gantries
    - Trestles
    - Ventilation Syst
    - Vertical Shaft including head frames, fan drif
    - Haul Road Network Pavement Design
    - WorkShops
  • Coal Washeries
  • Envirotal Management

Highways, Bridges and Flyovers and Tunnels

  • Trafic Survey, Axle Load Survey, Demand Forecasting
  • Techno Economic Feasibility Studies for Road
  • Design as per MORTH Specifications of NHAI and State
  • Highways
  • Design of Bridges, Flyovers. Tunnels, and Pavements.
  • BOQ, Specifications, and Tender Documents
  • PMC during execution of Projects

Energy/Power Plants/Gas/Oil

  • Power Plants
  • Transmission Lines
  • Power lines
  • Gas pipelines Oil Pipelines
  • Solar Panel
  • Wind Mill foundation Specialization
  • Hydel Power Projects
  • Make up Water Systems" Desalination System

Environmental Management

Water Supply/Water Treatment’ Sewage Treatment

  • Water Supply Schemes
  • Sewerage Systems
  • Sanitation Systems
  • Storm Water Systems
  • Solid Waste Management Systems
  • Industrial Effluent Systems
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Detailed Engineering

Green Management

  • Environmental Management Planning
  • Enviromnental Impact Assessment
  • Enviromnental Modeling Studies
  • Risk Assessment
  • Hazard Analysis & Disaster Management Plan
  • Waste Management
  • Green Energy Auditing
  • Regulatory Compliance

Services in Irrigation

  • Survey Investigation, Planning Desige Estimation And Feasibility
    Studies For Head Works
  • Survey Planning, Design Of The Macro/Micro Irrigation Network Down To
    Farm Gate & Chak Development
  • Design, Drawing and Estimation of Structures on Canal Such As Aqueduct,
    Super-Passage, Siphon Etc.
  • Planning, Designing And Estimation Of Lift Irrigation Scheme
  • Watershed Management Planning
  • Management Information System (MIS)
  • Waterway Development

General Services

  • Preparation of Tender Documents & Pre Bid Documents
  • Preparation of Technical Specifications
  • Appointments of PMC’s
  • Structural scope and owrview of PMC’s
  • Financial and Legal Documentation