Vivek Naik

Few years ago, a small contractor based in Nagpur had an idea that completely revolutionized the Construction Chemical Business in India. In the year 2009, when Vivek Naik started his own company, India used to import most of the chemicals that were used in Construction. India not only had a huge void in innovation but no one even dared to compete with the ideas that India gravely relied upon. Vivek Naik entered the construction chemicals business which was severely dominated by foreign companies with a promise of innovation. He realized that for India to emphasize its power to innovate someone had to begin and thus, he left a highly recognized job to create Apple Chemie, a Construction Chemical Company.

Mr. Naik is a civil engineer from VJIT, Mumbai, an IIM Ahmedabad alumnus, and the former President of Indian Concrete Institute (ICI). He has also written more than 300 research papers on varied topics.Having recognized not only by India’s biggest institutions but also some of the most prominent foreign entities, Mr. Naik has a stature that his clients extremely revere. Apple Chemie, for some of its formative years, landed huge clients because of the impact Mr. Naik had on them. In these years he used his experience and willpower to innovate the existing products.

Apple Chemie went on to address various construction and manufactural problems and gave their insight and solution for the same.The year 2014 became a turning point not only in the story of Apple Chemie but India as well. Mr. Naik with his innovatory capabilities and experience seized a patent to manufacture PCE in India. This was a huge victory as Apple Chemie became the first indigenous manufacturers of PCE in the country. The Government of India honoured Mr. Naik for the same and Apple Chemie was given the Best Innovator award by FICCI. After the huge success of 2014, Apple Chemie filed a patent for its product every year. Currently, it has six patents under its belt. The dream of innovation seen by a small contractor was becoming a reality and he continues to dream big.

Rohit Naik

Rohit Naik often says that Concrete runs in his blood and there’s a good reason for it. At the innocent age of six, Rohit Naik could effortlessly tell names of all the chemicals that his father used to work with. Rohit had seen his father grow as an entrepreneur and his liking to the world of construction and chemicals also grew with it. That’s why he often tells people that he discovered the hero of his life not on the screen or a comic book but in his own life, right beside him.

Rohit did his civil engineering at one of the city’s finest colleges, YCCE and Project Engineering Management from NICMR, another highly respected institute situated in Pune. When Rohit concluded his studies everyone around him hoped that he is ready to help his father in the endeavour of making Apple Chemie a much bigger thing but he had different plans. Rohit Naik had to convince himself before convincing the world that he’s ready to take this opportunity.

Right after he finished his Post Grad studies, he was selected to work with Leighton Group, Australia’s biggest Construction Company and had joined them as Business Development and Value Engineer. Here he interacted and dealt with some of the giants of the construction space. The projects he worked on taught him how to add value to a project.

Rohit Naik’s primary goal is to put Apple Chemie on a global map and make it one of the best indigenous manufacturers. Right after he joined, Apple Chemie started doing business beyond its horizon. Today, Apple Chemie has not only become Central India’s largest Construction Chemical producer and supplier but also an exporter to countries like Nepal, Tanzania, Sri Lanka. His other major goal is to introduce sustainable products in Apple Chemie’s range of products.

Rohit believes he and his father make a great team. A team that differs in their approach to a similar goal. A team which gets into not only a discussion but also a debate but at the end of it take a decision which is in the company’s benefit. It's amazing, he says, to work with your father but even better to work with your hero.